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Foreclosure defense

  • That active military cannot be foreclosed upon
  • That we may be able to get a loan modification through the courts
  • That we may slow down the foreclosure process by several years


If your home is in default or foreclosure, New York foreclosure lawyer Darren Aronow will represent you against the banks. Our firm will decide the appropriate legal defense upon review of your documents and foreclosure case.

One response to is litigation with the mortgage holder. As a foreclosure lawyer, Long Island complaint that initiate the foreclosure proceeding. This needs to be done within 20-30 days after service of the summons and complaint. Such answer is one out of several documents that are usually filed as part of a foreclosure defense by your New York foreclosure lawyer. Other documents include a motion to dismiss, if applicable, and foreclosures proceeding, our firm will represent the client with an Order to Show Cause.

Defending the foreclosure proceeding allows the client to state any defenses they may have to the manner in which such Long Island foreclosure was initiated. A foreclosure defense by also gives the client notice of the foreclosure proceeding status.

By selecting New York foreclosure lawyer, Darren Aronow, P.C., in the early stages of the foreclosure, the Plaintiff’s summons and increase the time necessary for the mortgage holder to proceed with the foreclosure case.  During the foreclosure process, we can also try to get a loan modification through the assistance of the courts.

If you are past the 30 days available to answer, contact The Law Office of Darren Aronow, P.C.  As a foreclosure attorney, Long Island’s Darren Aronow can move to increase such time under appropriate circumstances. As the foreclosure litigation progresses, the Plaintiff’s other papers, including the Motion for Summary Judgment, can be opposed.

If a Long Island/or transfer of the deed.

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