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In today’s volatile housing market, many homeowners are unable to sell their home at a sale price sufficient to pay off their mortgage. Through skilled negotiations, we will work with the lenders to get the sale price you need to sell your home. We can negotiate with your lender when you are in default, foreclosure or even if you are current on your mortgage but your house is worth less than you owe to the bank.

A short sale is an agreement between a mortgage lender and the homeowner that allows your property to be sold for less than your mortgage amount. A short sale will allow you to finally get out from under the debt of a home that you can not afford anymore or that has lost value. You may also qualify under the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007 to be exempt from taxation on the realized income from that short sale. Let our firm negotiate your short sale with all of your best interests in mind.

Many of the banks would prefer to “short sale” the property rather than to foreclose so that they may offset the costs involved in foreclosure, such as the legal fees, carrying costs, eviction, etc. However, there is a maze of legal issues for you to get around that without our skilled guidance, can lead you astray. Call now for an immediate free consultation and let us relieve the financial pressure that your home may be encumbering you with.