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Did You Know?

Student loan debts

  • Police or any other military, federal, state or city employee may qualify for reduced principal and reduced student loan payment plans
  • Teachers may qualify for reduced principal and reduced student loan payment plans
  • Nurses, doctors and all other not-for-profits / hospital employees may qualify for partial debt forgiveness
  • Permanently disabled may qualify for full debt forgiveness
  • September 11 spouses may qualify for debt forgiveness
  • Even if you are current, you may qualify for payment reduction plans
  • You may be able to discharge some or all of the debt


These days it is almost impossible for most students to attend college without some kind of financial aid. Most students who apply for aid receive student loans. There are two main sources for such loans; Private loans and Federal loans. Private loans are issued by private banks and are based on the applicant’s credit worthiness, meaning, if you have good credit, you can get a loan. Federal student loans, however, are not dependent on credit worthiness (except PLUS loans). Instead, a complex formula is administered for all applicants to determine if they are eligible for aid through the federal government.

We can help you:

  • Qualify and receive payment reduction plans for Federal loans
  • Get out of and stay out of default
  • Deal with harassing and abusive debt collectors, even if we have to sue the debt collector
  • Determine if you can qualify for and assist with obtaining a discharge
  • Defend yourself if you are sued by the lenders or the Dept of Justice
  • Sue the lenders, servicers, guarantors and debt collectors who violate the law.