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Loan Modifications – How We Can Help

December 15th, 2014

Are you in danger of losing your house to foreclosure?  Struggling to make those monthly mortgage payments? You could qualify for a loan modification that will help you keep your home.

A loan modification is a change in the terms of your loan.  These changes can include a lower interest rate, reduction in monthly payments or the duration of the loan.  If your home is at risk for foreclosure, you should contact a loan modification lawyer immediately.  He can help determine if a loan modification is right for you.

A Long Island loan modification attorney can also help you with the modification process. The process can be a difficult one, but the right loan modification lawyer will help take care of all paper work and explain to you exactly what needs to be done.

At our law offices, we have had many successful loan modification cases.  Most recently Darren Aronow helped a client lower both their payments and interest rate to 4.125% without extending the term of their loan.  As an expert loan modification attorney, Darren Aronow also helped another client receive a loan modification with a reduced interest rate at 4%.  These clients were able keep their homes and avoid foreclosure.

At the Law Office of Darren Aronow, we want to help clients get back on their feet.  We are currently offering 25% off our loan modification and foreclosure defense services until 12/31/14.  Contact us today for more information or for a free consultation.

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